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Memory Trade-in Prgram Details  

 144 Pin SODIMM
 168 Pin DIMM
 184 Pin DIMM
 200 Pin SODIMM
 204 Pin SODIMM
 240 Pin DIMM
 Computer Memory
 Desktop/PC Memory
 Laptop/Notebook Memory

 DDR Memory
 DDR2 Memory
 DDR3 Memory
 RDRAM Memory
 SDRAM Memory

Memory Glossary

Free Shipping
Free Shipping:

Welcome to PacificMemory. We offer free standard shipping for all orders within the USA

Memory Trade-in/Buy-Back Prgram: sell us your used memory!

PacificMemory Trade-in program can save you money on the cost of purchasing new memory module. You can buy memory from us or you can sell memory to us. If you are planning a memory upgrade and think your old memory is no longer useable - think again. At PacificMemory, you can sell us your old memory or trade-in for a better, faster, larger memory. The trade-in memory modules do not have to be the same specification as the new modules. (For example, purchase Laptop memory (Sodimm) modules and return Desktop memory (SDRAM) modules. You can sell or Trade in with us whether you have 1 or 1000 pieces, there is no Minimum/Maximum limit to trade in memory modules.

So what do we do with your old memory? Well, memory has the longest lifespan and memory doesn't have to stay in its constant form. Memory moves. The chips themselves are removed from their boards to be rebuilt as another design. We buy memory as chips. Because as chips we trade them as a commodity, based on their "chip value". As chips, the memory life cycle takes years longer before obsolescence. After computing, the chips are again removed from boards to be used in items such as household appliances and toys before they hit the scrap pile for final electronic recycling.

How Memory Tradein program works?
  1. If you are buying new memory from PacificMemory, then complete your new purchase first.
  2. Download and fill Tradein Request Spreadsheet. Submit this spreadsheet by email to Tradein@PacificMemory.com Including as much information as possible helps quick evaluation. We also encourage to submit memory photos.
  3. You'll get a Tradein Request number (TR#) within 1-2 business days along with "Courtesy Quote". The actual worth of the memory will be determined once we receive and test the memory. This worth may be different from the courtesy quote depening upon various factors. These factors may include (but not limited to) daily memory market fluctuations, non-working memory and memory different from origianl representation.
  4. Prepare your memory for shipping in anti-static bags. Include a copy of following documents.
    • Print-out of Tradein Request spreadsheet, prepared and submitted in step 2.
    • PacificMemory order number or invoice (if applicable)
    • Copy of the final email stating courtesy quote.
  5. Ship your memory along with these documents to following address.
    PacificMemory Inc.
    Tradein Program (TR# xxxx)
    4250 E. Renner Road, # 2122.
    Richardson, TX 75082

    where xxxx is the Tradein Request Number (TR#) issued in step 3 above.
  6. You'll get the payment for memory either as a check in the mail or as a partial refund towards your PacificMemory purchase. PacificMemory reserves the right to determine the mode of payment.
PacificMemory makes it very easy to sell us your old memory. Our memory trade-in unit receives your old memory, assigns a chip-value based on the daily memory market and we send you a check (or issue a partial refund of your payment). It's that simple. For more information and any questions email us at Tradein@PacificMemory.com

Memory Trade-in/
Buy-Back Program

We buy Memory. If you are looking to upgrade memory, you can trade-in your old memory towards new memory purchase. Or you can just sell us your old memory and make some extra cash. See details...

Compatibility Guarantee
PacificMemory gives 100% compatibility guarantee on all our memory sales. See details...

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